PKC UPDATE 22 March 19.39 Given the latest advice from the Chief Medical Officer, and in accordance with the statement made by the First Minister today, we are updating our information on access to schools. All Perth & Kinross Council schools and nurseries will be closed to all staff, children and young people from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice.   We are working very hard to set up children’s activity centres (hubs). In line with First Minister’s advice, these will be available for Category 1 key workers, defined as:    Health and care workers and associated staff who are directly supporting the coronavirus response; health and care workers supporting life-threatening emergency work; those providing critical primary and community care provision; some Energy supply workers; staff providing education / childcare to others in this category.  Only once we have secured provision for the children of these workers will we be able to consider other groups. We hope to have activity centres up and running by Thursday 26 March 2020. Information about these activity centres will follow in due course for the targeted groups.  Systems are in place to support vulnerable children and young people, including online services and support from children and families teams, who will be in touch with identified individuals.   The SQA will be developing an assessment process and more details will follow. In response to a further update on the social distancing advice, a decision has been taken to cancel the provision of meals in school buildings next week. We will provide direct payments to families entitled to free school meals with the first payment being made this week.   If you have queries about provision for your children please call 0345 300 111 00. This line will be open from 8.45am tomorrow.