Welcome to Our School

Welcome to our school. It is a privilege to lead a learning community such as Oakbank Primary School.

Welcome to Oakbank Primary School

Welcome to our school. It is a privilege to lead a learning community such as Oakbank Primary School. At Oakbank pupils, staff, parents and supporters work together to give every pupil the best possible education – one which will equip them with the academic, social and emotional skills to find success in a rapidly changing world. Our aim at Oakbank is very much on encouraging the individual talents, interests and ambitions of all our pupils.
I believe that an effective school should provide a busy, challenging and happy childhood as a good preparation for life. At Oakbank each pupil will discover the opportunities, encouragement and understanding which they need in order to make the very best progress ahead.
Children are all different and each Oakbank pupil can discover their individuality and nurture their abilities to the highest level of fulfilment. All Oakbank pupils aim for the highest standard of academic excellence and we at Oakbank believe that this will be more surely achieved – and more richly
enhanced – by the diversity of activities in which pupils engage and by the happiness and security of their life at school.
I very much look forward to working in partnership with you during your child’s educational journey at Oakbank.
Paula Morrison
Head Teacher


21-06-2021 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 21-06-2021 12:15

End Time: 21-06-2021 13:00

Additional Info: Breadsticks* with Garlic Mayo Chicken Burger in a Roll * with Diced Potatoes and Coleslaw Broccoli Pasta Bake with Mixed Vegetables (V) Crusty Bread

22-06-2021 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 22-06-2021 12:15

End Time: 22-06-2021 13:00

Additional Info: Steak Pie with Boiled Potatoes Tomato Pasta (Ve) Carrots Crusty Bread Gingerbread Men ɫ with Fru

23-06-2021 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 23-06-2021 12:15

End Time: 23-06-2021 13:00

Additional Info: Carrot & Cucumber Sticks Ham Roll* with Sweetcorn Macaroni Cheese (V) Broccoli Crusty Bread

24-06-2021 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 24-06-2021 12:15

End Time: 24-06-2021 13:00

Additional Info: Chicken Nuggets with Potato Wedges Vegetable Curry with Rice (Ve) Peas and Sweetcorn Crusty Bread Madeira Cake ɫ with Fruit

25-06-2021 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 25-06-2021 12:15

End Time: 25-06-2021 13:00

Additional Info: Fish Fingers with Chips and Baked Beans Baked Potato with Baked Beans & Mixed Salad (Ve) Crusty Bread Ice Cream with Fruit